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The 1890 Land-Grant Universities appreciate your support of our mission: Providing Access and Enhancing Opportunities

We need your support in celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Second Morrill Act of 1890. Did you know that over 102,000 students are enrolled in the 19 campuses which were established by this act? Of those 102,000 almost 90 percent receive some form of financial aid. Many are first generation college students and others are from families who live at or below the national poverty level.

That is why your generous gift is necessary. The 125th Anniversary Steering Committee has established the Justin Morrill Endowed Scholarship Fund to solicit contributions which will be shared equally among the 19 campuses to provide scholarships for students majoring in the Food and Agricultural Sciences.

Give, so that we can continue the legacy of providing quality academic opportunities as envisioned by the crafters of the Second Morrill Act. Give!

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The Presidents/Chancellors, Faculty, Staff and Students of the 1890 Land-Grant Universities thank you for your generous gift.

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